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Posted on DAHBOO77 on September 10, 2014…

Smart meter over BILLING!

Dear Calie,

How many times have we heard this before: People are very anxious because the bill goes [up] twice or triple and they can’t get clear answer from Hydro-Québec.” -CBC

And how closely linked are the systemic overbilling issue, fire issue, and a significant part of the health issue?  Is there a common cause why these untested “smart” meters literally waste electricity?

We share some eye-opening clues in our reposting of CBC’s investigation of overbilling complaints in Quebec:

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“We have cracked open,
we sensed even beneath the earth –
the holy was near,
and are reaching up to know and claim
Light as our self.”
-St John of the Cross (1542-1591), in his poem “They Have Different Needs”

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EMBED TBYP 2014: Here are several new ways you can embed or link to the film online:

K.T. Weaver’s blockbuster new article uncovers the unprecedented liability and fire risk from so-called “smart” meters:

Congrats to Mike Mitcham of for his winning Caption centry!

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