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When your Government wants to create a Problem-Action-Solution to control you

11/13/15 Paris, WE know who did it!… for Full 5 hour Documentary

Ebola FEMA Drill to go live in NYC

False Flag warning NYC: Full-scale ‘Ebola’ pandemic drill to go live Nov. 13, FEMA, crisis actors, role players involved
by Shepard Ambellas
The Common Sense Show | Intellihub
3 Nov 2014


NEW YORK & NEW JERSEY (INTELLIHUB.COM) — A massive 2-year long pandemic “continuity exercise” is nearing “stage three” of five on November 13th, going live in “New York City” and “other locations”, according to new documents and audio/video recordings uncovered by Intellihub News.

Shockingly, in a jaw dropping admission, a FEMA official was caught telling role players during a live webinar session that FEMA plans to use people’s fears of “Ebola” and what has “been reported in the news” to “drive” this realtime “full-scale” event.


Ottawa Courthouse BEFORE the shooting

Anonymous Photos Taken 15 Minutes Prior to Ottawa Shooting

BUSTED another False Flag Event to take away our rights!

An apparent eyewitness who works at the Parliament Building tells his/her account of events unfolding under his/her office window.

View from Parliament Building, 9:30 AM

“I’m a legislative assistant, Here is the view outside my office at 9:30 AM, (about 15 minutes before the ‘crazed’ gunman). Just a shit ton of cops hanging out by west block for no reason.”

“I know two things they aren’t telling the press/public. Hopefully, you dipshits will take this seriously because my career is on the line.”

“If you see/hear that a legislative assistant died, had an accident, committed suicide whatever I’d like to say for the record that I’ve never wanted to kill myself. I take my job serious, but I ask honest questions.”

Wednesday’s there are events hosted at parliament, and security is slack. There was no need for all these police at parliament this morning pre-shooting incident. Nobody (pm and opposition leaders excluded) of great significance was scheduled for today.”

“Further, blowing up the west end’s transmitter should just make people angry, not dependent on the government. I feel like if we don’t stand up right now, we will be baited into losing everything because of ISIS.”

The Powers that WERE are getting very sloppy with their “False Flag’s staged events”!  The good news is that people are waking up!

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