Welcome to the Calico Report.  There are thousands and thousands of sites that provide valuable information on all of the crazy things happening in our world today. What is the truth?  How can I trust that what I am reading is the truth? Is this one person’s opinion or well researched facts?

We have been challenged with the same questions. We also realize that everyone is at different stages of awakening.  There are people who are only beginning the journey and have a curiosity. The wrong experience out of the gate will send these individuals running for cover.  We understand that attempting to awaken those who are not ready is toxic to their sensibilities. There are many people who have done a lot of work and are striving to filter the real truth welcoming any resource that assists them in this endeavor.

Our objective is to serve as a site that will support like minded people who are interested in “starting the conversation” by becoming informed, educated and  therefore empowered with new knowledge that will enlighten you about the reality of our current way of life .  We will strive to provide objective view’s for your education, enlightenment  and understanding without being threatened. We will also be a resource for the best, most concise and understandable information available on any topic.  We will be building a library with resources for uncovering the Whole Truth!

Thank you for joining us and your willingness to awakened.  One person can only do so much, a million can change the planet.